Monday, 25 April 2011

Uschi: The Youtube Video!

On a whim last night, I finally decided to try my hand at actually uploading a video to Youtube (I know, I'm rather late to the whole business). After a trial run uploading White Flame's "Lewd Dude" with just a simple pic of the LP cover (a song which was, rather shockingly, missing heretofore from Youtube's collection), I was ready to try something a little more advanced.

It had long been a dream of mine to create a simple 'video' for No No Zero's song "Uschi" (off Rough Stuff) with either film footage or still photographs of the lady herself; just a simple visual compliment to the song, something to connect someone hearing it with a person they may not be familiar with (or alternately all too familiar with).

With such a project in mind, I tried to use iMovie for the first time and crashed the computer (quite a feat really). A second attempt involved not only trying to learn the application, but searching desperately for enough PG-rated pictures of Uschi (video was too difficult by half) to make up the three and a half minutes running time of the song.

After what seems like nine hours or so, I think it's finally ready to come into the world. Ladies & gentlemen, let me present the fruits of my labours: a video for No No Zero's tribute-in-song "Uschi"!


Pius said...

In less than one month, this has reached 500 views!

Pius said...

1000+ views!