Sunday, 18 July 2010

The Sphinxs & The Gories!

So I made it out to a couple of shows last week -- the first was last Tuesday, the début performance of sometime No No Zero chanteuse Siân Llewelyn's new band The Sphinxs (with Chris Cheeseman, also of No No Zero, on guitar), playing at Parts & Labour in Toronto. Less straight-up soul/garage than her previous band The Bang Bangs, The Sphinxs brought a walloping energy and diversity of style to their impressive set - one I was unexpectedly hooked into playing a bit of theremin for at the last minute, I might add.

I missed The Modern Superstitions because I was outside during their set, no offense to them. Headlining the bill was Chicago's The Hollows, who really blew me away with their loud old time RnR sound and three (four?) part vocals. I thoroughly dug them, what can I say? Fun live band. I will go see them again if I get the chance.

Friday night, blog favourites Catl opened for Detroit legends The Gories at Lee's Palace and, against all odds, I made it out to that one as well and a fun night out it was too. Catl charmed another crowd in their usual forthright manner, looking slightly odd actually being on a stage for a change. I was particularly struck by new song "Hold My Body Down" and Sarah K's standout performance on same.

The Gories played a great set: relaxed and loose but with groove and energy. Danny was the band mouthpiece and seemed like he was genuinely having a fun time. It was The Gories' first-ever Toronto show and the crowd was fully into it. They played all my faves, did an encore of "Hidden Charms" and "Nitroglycerine", and I left feeling exhausted and happy.

Good photo of Sian and Chris by Ivy Lovell; good photo of Sphinxs by Christina Wozniak; crappy Catl & Gories photos by me.

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