Saturday, 24 July 2010

Four Corners!

This show was a blast, the best thing in ages. I think it's fair to say most people at Steelworkers Hall last night had a great time. My ears are still ringing. Bands were fun, sound was great, even the lights were out of sight (each band had lighting colour-coded with the great poster design by Ryan Halpenny). We were green obscene.

Thanks are owed to Corey of The Ancestors for putting it on, and here's hoping this is just the start of the Four Corners phenomenon. Tons of great pictures at Ivy Lovell's blog (I particularly loved this one); here's some taken by this blog's roving reporter.

The finale of all four bands (Teenanger, Ancestors, No No Zero, Anagram) playing The Stooges' "Ann" was way trippy and I loved the venue too (lots of neat stuff on the walls). More noise please!

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