Wednesday, 28 July 2010

August Shows Announced!

No No Zero continues to disrupt square brain patterns in the flesh with some newfound August gross-out gigs. To wit, on Thursday the 19th we shall be at The Shop under Parts & Labour (1566 Queen West), along with Toronto's own Sphinxs (mentioned here previously) and Milwaukee's dangerously degenerate Drugs Dragons.

[er, we're not playing The Shop anymore, sorry!]

The following week, on Friday the 27th, we are going to plunge a psychic steak knife into your mental process at Double Double Land (209 Augusta), celebrating the release of the final issue of Jesjit Gill's fantastic Free Drawings zine, along with Ghostlight, DJ Michael Comeau, and possibly others to come...

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Pius said...

July 31 - sorry, not playing The Shop after all. See us at Double Double Land.