Monday, 21 March 2011

Video at The Academy of Sciences!

A video recording of three songs early on in our set at The Academy of Sciences last Saturday; they are "Five Seconds", "Humans Are Bovine", and "Closet Case". You may note that about 2:30, Chris Thief gets into it with somebody in the crowd and briefly loses his guitar.

I was singing with my eyes closed for a bit at this point. When I opened them, I was surprised to see Chris being dragged across the floor upsidedown by his legs, his guitar trailing behind him. A couple of women with small brooms were hurriedly sweeping broken glass from the area in front of the stage. I wanted to ask them to sweep me up too.

Thanks to Ireek Sofakia for shooting this and uploading it. She also has The People of Canada, Deutsche Banks and The Get Nuns from the same night.

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