Wednesday, 3 March 2010

The Starkweather Fix - Majestic Burning Bush!

Here's a song The Starkweather Fix recorded sometime after What The Swedish Butler Heard came out that has until now never been released in any way, shape or form. We played it live though, so it may ring a bell if you saw us playing shows.

The Starkweather Fix - Majestic Burning Bush

Band-wise, this is Fucker Bob on guitar, Neeler Peeler on bass, Jay Matuschka on the drums, and me yowling away. What am I yowling?

Queen Pussy's on the prowl
burning for a man
blow a napalm kiss
sizzle in the pan

crushing under heel
their dead sex deal
crushing under heel

all this empty air
is gonna fry in fire
and your majestic burning bush
made childhood a liar

the tables turn
the very air will burn
the tables turn

blazing breasts
hot hips
suck on sexy sauna scent
between her steamy lips

every day this old world
burns away a little girl
every day this old world

hard to breathe
but you'll never leave

cauterizing flames
are the heat you feel
and this majestic burning bush
has the power to heal


Anonymous said...

Was this recorded That guitar solo is tits! Was that recorded in McKeever's basement?

Pius said...

I thought it was Jay's basement but it might have been McKeever's. I have notes with dates and all but I can't find them right now of course.