Monday, 15 March 2010

Jamie Gillis Memoirs!

Included almost as an afterthought in this interesting New York piece on last Sunday's Jamie Gillis memorial at Zarela is the news that he did in fact finish his memoirs before succumbing to cancer. That's a silver lining on this dark cloud, to be sure.

Also included is Gillis' own rather remarkable tribute to his alter ego/nom de cine:

“Jamie Gillis will always be the bad boy of porn, the lover of life — eager to taste everything, in a way, even immortally so. I salute him because I honestly feel he represents something wonderfully outrageous and exuberant. Hats off to you, sir.”


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kevinass said...

peter sotos mentions him quite a bit in some of his books

Pius said...

This Fanzine January 2006 Peter Sotos interview mentions "Pure Filth" as being edited and with an introduction by Sotos. They also have it as being published by Feral House in October of the same year; that never came to pass, of course.

Apparently, the book was for the most part transcriptions of Jamie Gillis' often-unforgettable onscreen verbal abuse. I've no idea what the status of this book is though, whether it'll ever be published, or by whom.