Sunday, 21 March 2010

The Gore Gore Girl!

As most anyone online can attest, the internet is full-to-bursting with porn. Anyone and everyone seeking visual depiction of what turns them on are probably just a few clicks away from slackened satisfaction. What's precious and rare online however is any real insight into that porn*, any sense of signifiers, themes or meaning.

This is where The Gore-Gore Girl comes in.

A self-described "porn nerd", TGGG, if I may call her that, is taking a Ph.D and blogging about the films she sees in her studies. Her emphasis in analysis started out as subversive exploitation and 70/80s genre films (all the better if they're gory) but quickly shifted to a focus on porn movies, from classics like Behind The Green Door to the latest Wicked Pictures release.

Make no mistake: the Gore-Gore Girl is no shrinking violet. She examines roughies like Hard Gore, Forced Entry, or Waterpower with gusto, and her blog goes a long way toward deriding the myth that hard porn is a 'men's genre'.

Prostitution pictures from a feminist perspective, the gender issues brought up by Long Jeane Silver and her unique 'permanent phallus', the low-brow hi-jinks of 'The Gillies', and a profile on director Mason AKA Sam No -- The Gore-Gore Girl brings an unusual assortment of interests to the blogosphere, and we are the richer for it.

If only she'd post more...

*Other blogs I might recommend along the same lines would be Pornonomy, XXX Marks The Plot, and Sock Hop Gang Bang.

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