Thursday, 10 June 2010

No No Zero Quadrophenia!


No No Zero are playing a rare show July 23rd at the Steelworkers Hall (25 Cecil Street, Toronto in the U of T area) with The Ancestors, Anagram and Teenanger. No hype needed, that's a great bill. And this show will be most rare indeed for ALL FOUR BANDS WILL SET UP AT ONCE AND THEN TAKE TURNS PLAYING SONGS!!!!

I know, I know. That's crazy. That's got to be against the rules or something. It may really be too much altogether (seriously), may just cause the universe to collapse upon itself. But we're going to go ahead and do it anyways. Expect to lose hearing and braincells if not your moped. Frenzied quickies in the alley are encouraged.


Max said...

Damn it! I won't be able to make it to see that! Sounds like a very interesting show indeed. At least you guys are playing again. You need to record more stuff man, most of your stuff is pure gold! Really like the blog too ...always interesting.


Pius said...

Thanks Max (and thanks for commenting). Sorry you can't make the show but you may be interested to hear that we are indeed working on a new record.

Anonymous said...

Amazing. Who's gonna be in the lineup?

Pius said...

At the show?

At Steelworkers Hall, it should be me on the m.i.c., Mark Jarrett on drums, Zak Hanna and Chris Cheeseman on guitars, and Sian Llewelyn providing soulful sweet back-ups.