Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Tonetta Youtube Overload!

While I await the arrival of "777" in my mailbox, I've been grabbing all the Tonetta Youtube videos I can get my hands on. There's about 166 videos up right now in all - a few have been uploaded in more than one version (TO P.U. and Stinky Toronto are essentially the same, for instance; Dominate originally featured Tonetta performing the song whereas the newer upload is a still*).

I know there's a bunch of older stuff that's not available at present but I'm pretty sure all the newer stuff to date is here. I'm assuming it's OK with Tonetta to collect these available vids; if not, I can certainly take them down (I'm just trying to spread the gospel here).

Each volume has about 10-15 videos. All files are MPEG-4.

VOL. 1
VOL. 2
VOL. 3
VOL. 4
VOL. 5
VOL. 6
VOL. 7
VOL. 8
VOL. 9
VOL. 10
VOL. 11

*Tonetta has informed me that some of these 'clip tracks' are older songs he didn't have time to do a video for.


scato said...

Thanks for pointing this bloke out! Work seems much more fun with Grandma knows best playing in the background. Peculiar, yet heartwarmingly innocent in a way.

Pius said...

Glad you like it.

Love your blog BTW, lots of great stuff there. I've been looking for Trace Decay since it came out!