Thursday, 31 December 2009

Catl Has A Record Release Party!

If you weren't lucky enough to score a ticket to tonight's sold-out Catl / Bradley Boy New Years Eve show at The Dakota Tavern, you may want to make a note of their upcoming record release, January 15th at the Silver Dollar. The bill includes the always-awesome Anagram (who should have a new record of their own out very soon), the legendary John Borra & Sam Ferrara, and the 100% guaranteed good vibes of DJ Anousheh.

The new Catl record - their second - is entitled "With The Lord For Cowards You Will Find No Place", and it's being released in the same fashion as their first record - as a 12" vinyl LP with CD version included inside. This is Sarah K's first record with Catl, the first Catl-as-a-trio album, and comes on the heels of much playing of shows - I can't wait to check it out.

Both posters here by the fantastic Fort Polio. Live shot by Michael Helmer.

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