Sunday, 27 December 2009

Tonetta Has A Record!

Details are few at this point, but I am very happy to share the news that King Cock has got a record deal (!!!) - with Black Tent Press (from Los Angeles, no less) - and that we can expect a legitimate record release from Youtube's best kept secret some time in the coming year Twenty Ten.

Which of Tonetta's 100+ 'youtube songs' will be on this debut record? Or will it be songs we haven't heard yet? "Still A Slave" is on the label's MySpace page - does that mean it's going to be on the record? Are the songs going to be the versions we're familiar with? Or new recordings? Solo? With a band? Is he nervous? Elated? Will Tonetta be performing live dates? Will this new record be on vinyl? Is he moving to L.A.? Just some of the unanswered questions whirling through my mind at this news.

And that's not all - Tonetta now has his own MySpace page, his own Facebook fan club site, even a website dedicated to the "ongoing critical study" of his songs and videos.

Check out his latest tune "Jingle Balls" here:

Thanks to Zack for the head's up.

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