Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Michal Majewski!

I was shocked and saddened tonight to learn of Michal Majewski's death over the past weekend, while hiking in Squamish, BC.
This news report has more details.

Michal was a really great guy & a lot of fun to be with, as well as being extremely talented artistically & a major asset to Oshawa's music scene. We've featured his poster work here before, and I would encourage anyone not familiar with his art to check out some highlights here.


Matt B said...

I was a friend of Mike's and had no idea he had this kind of artistic skill. I have seen two of these posters around before and had no idea that he was the creator... this is a terrible tragedy for a guy that was always giving. We'll miss you, man.

Sharon P said...

I will greatly miss you Mike, you have been a great friend to my son Chris and you would make me smile whenever I saw you. My love and prayers to your Mom and Dad and brother.
Sharon P

Anonymous said...

Mehow was simply the fucking raddest dude ever. He had a smile for everyone and anyone regardless of if he knew them or not. He made me laugh everytime we hung out. You are missed, my friend.