Saturday, 18 December 2010

More Missing Tapes From The Starkweather Fix!

Just in time for Christmas, here's the first four tracks posted at The Missing Tapes - a collection of previously unheard songs (or previously unheard recordings of older songs) from the first real band I was in, The Starkweather Fix.

These songs are: "Can't Find My Mind" (a cover of The Cramps tune), "My Body Is An Eyesore", "Sonic Youth Bootlegs", and finally, perennial crowd favourite "Wet Blanket" (with the later 'big ending').

The Starkweather Fix - The Missing Tapes (first four songs)

If you like what you hear, leave comments at the site and needle Neeler Peeler to post more. I can only nag so much, myself.


Rob said...


This is funny as I was just wandering the internets and checking out the tunes, found on a blogroll a blog with a neato name and the first post I see is something I was sure I knew something about. As a long time denizen of the shwa it would surprise if we didn't know a bunch of the same folks. rock on.

Pius said...

Thanks Rob. I was Oshawa born and raised - still come down every once in awhile (actually, I may or may make it down tonight for Festivus). We may even know each other!?

If you like, hit the Starkweather tab at the bottom of the post for more posts on the band.