Monday, 13 December 2010

Poster Show V Pics!

Some crappy backlit iphone shots now from our show last Friday at the closing of J Ryan Halpenny's retrospective Poster Show V (AKA "Sorry Everyone"). Also playing were Early Abstractions, The Soupcans, The 159 Manning Sacred Harp Choir, and Induced Labour. Here we see the genteel Mr. Halpenny himself, holding court before five years of handiwork:

It was our new drummer Gideon's first show with No No Zero, and he not only performed brilliantly, but was off the hook entirely during the set he played (just before our own) with The Soupcans.

We debuted a new tune called "Bite Me" and I was somewhat saddened when not a one set of jaws took me up on my earnest offer.

All the bands were fun to watch, there was a good vibe in the room, it was amazing to see Ryan's posters all together (he let me take this great one home at the end of the night), and Function 13 had lots of neat stuff to covet and consider as well as perhaps the nicest bathroom stalls I've yet to set mine eye upon.

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