Wednesday, 24 November 2010

The Starkweather Fix Got The Cramps!

I recently gave my brother a bunch of old ADAT and DAT tapes he was interested in transferring to digital - these were mostly of our old band The Starkweather Fix (I sang, Neeler Peeler played bass), and a lot of those were songs we'd recorded with Andy Owen in Oshawa back in the mid-1990s.

Andy had a lot of new gear and agreed to record the band for free in order to get some experience using it: in addition to recording our sole CD What The Swedish Butler Heard, he also recorded us playing quite a few songs we'd already released on our sole cassette This Band Has Seconds To Live, as well as enough unused material for the CD to make another album (we'd wanted WTSBH to be a double-CD but we didn't have the money to make such a beast).

Neeler Peeler has today unveiled a site of his own design called Starkweather: The Missing Tapes. On this site, he pledges, "a series of never-before-heard mixes that will be released over the coming months" (he's a busy guy so cut him some slack). The first of the released mixes is "Can't Find My Mind", a cover of The Cramps tune off their Psychedelic Jungle album (probably my fave). We had recorded the song for This Band Has Seconds To Live, but this is a few years after that. I like the bass sound on this recording, the heavy feel, and how it turned out in general.

The Starkweather Fix - Can't Find My Mind

I'd like to send this out to Dawn McLeod b/c it was always a song of ours she particularly liked. Band pic above is by Mark Laking.

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