Wednesday, 10 November 2010

New Tonetta LP Cover Shocker!

I admit I've had some mixed feelings on Tonetta since reading his Artist Advocacy interview, but maybe that says more about me than he. In any case, Tony's new record - "777 Vol. II" (like Vol. I, it's on Black Tent Press) has a sleeve that I couldn't resist sharing - it would appear to be a 'dick print' featuring the cock of King Cock himself.

Perhaps worthy of note that a cover shoot call had originally gone out a couple of months ago on FB looking for someone, "over 18, female and comfortable posing topless wearing the mask of TONETTA in a professional studio setting". That sounded pretty promising, sure, but this is certainly a great deal more original. I wonder whether willing ladies came up in short supply, or were the results simply a poor substitutiary step-child to the long, hard wang of Mr. Big Rig?

This simple image encompasses many of Tonetta's best qualities: his overbearing sexuality (one might as easily say horniness), his fearlessness and/or shamelessness, his sense of humour, his need to share, so to speak, his exhibitionist proclivities. Vol. II also features some of my favourite Tonetta tunes - such as "Death Sentence", "G & B Showers", and "Dominate". Just wish I could afford one.

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