Saturday, 4 October 2008

Water Power

Burt: October 16th. I feel at last that my life has some kind of purpose. I've always known that the filthy whorey element of the city was growing, getting bigger, but I never knew what to do about it. Now I know what I can do.

This girl, the stewardess, she was different from all the others, she was clean and good. She didn't do bad things with men, she didn't let men touch her with their cocks. She was pure, she was mine. All that's changed now. She let that man do terrible things to her and he didn't force her, I saw them, she let him do it.

Now she's dirty, but maybe she can be alright again. I couldn't want her if she was dirty, but maybe she can be cleaned out. If I cleaned her out, she could be clean again. She could be alright. She could have good thoughts. Now she's dirty, and it's shit thoughts, puke thoughts. But I can fix that. I'll give her an enema.

She has vile humors, that's why she's acting like this. I'll clean out her vile humors. She might not understand right away because she's having bad thoughts but after it's over she'll be glad, I know she will. She'll be glad I cleaned her out.

(screenplay by Shaun Costello)

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