Sunday, 12 October 2008

The Film Blogs of Laurence Niblick!

I happened across a blog on exploitation-type film the other day (at, no less) that I quickly surmised was better than average for its kind; the blog's name was The Celluloid Teapot, it was created and currated by one Laurence Niblick, and I was saddened to see it lasted a mere twelve months, from late July 2005 to mid-August 2006.

During those twelve months, The Celluloid Teapot covered Nazi exploitation, video nasties, Hammer horror, giallo, mondo and 'extreme' cinema, the Emanuelle films, Italian sword and sandal epics, cult (Bava, Wishman, Deodato, Franco), various classic TV shows of interest such as Ace of get the idea.

Lots of great screencaps and incisive text make this one to explore. I will point out a few particular faves: The History of O, The Image (aka The Punishment of Anne), The Beast In Heat, Hardcore ("turn it off!"), Ilsa, Harem Keeper of the Oil Sheiks, The Devil In Miss Jones, and, one of my fave pornos ever -- Zebedy Colt's The Devil Inside Her.

Niblick then went on to create a blog called The Fringe Fantasy Show, at This blog lasted from July 31 2006 until the end of that year. The focus here was much the same as The Celluloid Teapot, only with more of an emphasis on Italian sword and sandal films and British TV fare (particularly Dr. Who and Doomwatch).

To be honest, this was my least favourite of Niblick's blogs, although it did feature this piece on the amazing Maciste All'Inferno from 1926, as well as a couple of Caligula-themed posts I enjoyed: Tinto Brass' infamous 1979 film, simply called Caligula - and Joe D'Amato's 1982 'sequel', Caligula 2: The Untold Story. Now that's some sleazy stuff!

After The Fringe Fantasy Show bit the dust at the end of 2006, Mr. Niblick then went on to his third film blog, The Indigo Fleapit (at; this blog lasted eight months, from January 2007 through to August 9th 2007. The Indigo Fleapit included reviews of noteable 1975 British porno Diversions, as well as 1976 Gillis classic Through The Looking Glass.

The blog also took a deeper look at some of the more risqué Laura Gemser Emanuelle films such as: Emanuelle Around The World, Emanuelle's Revenge, Emanuelle In America, Black Emanuelle, and Emanuelle and the Last Cannibals. Otherwise, there's an awful lot of Doctor Who.

Niblick then embarked on his fourth and final (?) film blog, Pan's Pictureshow, at - wait for it - This blog focused on Britain's notorious video nasties list (containing such classic letdowns as The Ghastly Ones or Absurd), more Hammer horror, as well as another British TV series, Crown Court.

Pan's Pictureshow lasted nine months, from July 2007 to April of this year (2008); the last entry gives us the standard Niblick 'I'm wrapping this blog up and starting a new one, stay tuned' message, only without the usual link to the next blog.

If you know of a newer Laurence Niblick film blog, I'd sure love to check it out. The entries I've linked here provide silent testament to how the internet gives and takes with equal ruthlessness. Much respect due to this valiant explorer of fringe film; it's depressing to see such a succession of great blogs with hardly a comment between them. Show your love film fans, and remember a little love can go a long way in this sometimes lonely world of blogging.


Laurie said...


This is Laurence, thank you so very much for your interest in my blogs I am honoured.

A dear friend of mine showed me your blog entry about my film sites this evening, after all this time.I had no idea.

It truly is a labour of love and to get such an appreciation makes it all worth while.

In honour of you and others that enjoy the read I have started my new blog please find it at :

I hope you enjoy this just as much as the other it's a tad scant as I have only started it up.

Personal commitments have prevented me from progressing with it but now the moment has arrived. To start with I am reviewing gems from the Land of the Rising Sun and eventually as much sleaze and retro scrumptiousness you could shake a stick at.

Once again thank you very muchand for the motivation.

Take care, all the very best,


Pius said...


Wonderful to hear from you, and the new blog looks great. I have a copy of Grotesque waiting to be viewed, and your write-up has got me hankering to finally see it. Thanks for your thanks and I hope The Ebony Lantern shines for a long time to come!