Thursday, 2 October 2008

Klute 01

Peter Cable: I have no idea what I'm going to do. I am so deeply puzzled. I've done terrible things. I've killed three people. And yet I don't consider myself a terrible man. No more than - than others.

You see, Tom Gruneman discovered me. We were here on business together. And he found me and Jane McKenna in my hotel room - and she had become hysterical and she started screaming and I - I guess I hit her, I - I don't actually recall, it all happened so quickly. Anyway, she fell and hit her head and that's when Tom came in the room. I guess he must have heard her screaming. But I never understood really why she did that, she...she had never screamed before.

And it was the - revulsion and contempt that I saw in his face. And the certainty that, sooner or later, he would use it against me within the company. And I - I tried to endure that as long as I possibly could, you just want me to keep on talking, don't you?

Bree Daniels: No, I don't. I do understand. I really do.

Peter Cable: Well, that's what you all do. You make a man think that he's accepted. It's all just a big game to you. And you're all obviously too warped to do anything meaningful with your life so you - prey upon the sexual fantasies of others.

I'm sure it comes as no great surprise to you when I say that there are little corners in everyone which were better off left alone; sicknesses, weaknesses which - which should never be exposed. But that's your stock and trade, isn't it? A man's weakness. And I was never really fully aware of mine. Until you brought them out.

(screenplay by Andy Lewis & Dave Lewis)

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