Friday, 2 September 2011

No No Zero Has A Bandcamp Page!

Earlier this year on Exclaim TV's Garageland, I spoke about how dumb I thought MySpace was. That view hasn't changed. Fortunately, as you may already know, another site for disseminating original music has emerged and proved its worth in quite a short time - and that site is Bandcamp.

I like all the freedom you're given as to your bands' presentation there, the relative control, clarity, and the total absence of advertising or other bands' logos or tour dates. Last night, I created a page for No No Zero and uploaded our Rough Stuff album (available on LP or CD through Signed By Force) so folks can stream and give it a listen if they haven't heard it before.

Our new record will presumably be there too once it's 100% finished. Stay tuned!


scarfish69 said...

Hey, thanks for the add. Check out my shitty band blah, blah, blah. Yeah pretty lame. I can't believe myspace is still in existence. It's like one huge circle jerk.

You're a well spoken person in front of a camera. I guess it helps playing in front of crowds.

I visited your Bandcamp page. I'd watched your videos but that was the first time I'd heard any recorded stuff. It sounded pretty tight. Good luck with that and the new album coming out.

Still adding to your tumblr site?

Pius said...

Thanks, scarfish69.

I did take a bit of a break from the tumblr for a few weeks, but I'm back at it again now, posting big beautiful butts and boobs, forever and ever, amen.

Pius said...

I had so much fun doing the No No Zero page, I decided to do one for The Starkweather Fix as well. Right now I've just got our CD up, but hopefully we'll have more at some point in the future.