Monday, 20 September 2010

Anagram's LP Title Revealed!

Jeff from Anagram went looking on Stillepost today for somewhere for the band to practise -- and, in the process, revealed their new album is entitled Majewski (after the late, sorely missed local artist Mike Majewski) and that, "it will destroy you".

This album hasn't even come out yet, and it's already the stuff of legend: recorded no less than three times before the band felt they'd got it right, it's being released exclusively on vinyl (photo above by Danijel Losic) with one track thereof ("I've Been Wrong Before") now available on the band's MySpace page.

I have been looking forward to hearing this collection of songs for what feels like a very long time indeed - Anagram's Majewski has got to be my most anticipated album of the year.

[MAJEWSKI is released unto this world Nov. 6th at the Olive St. Polish Hall in Beautiful Downtown Oshawa!!!]

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