Sunday, 9 May 2010

The Return of Cheez!

Did you know Cheez was back? I didn't (obviously) but now I'm happy to say I do.

Since last November, Canadian Super Artist Fiona Smyth has been posting new entries in her hallowed B&W "Cheez" series* -- which originally appeared '92-'02 in the comics pages of Exclaim. Sure, you won't get black smudge on your fingers looking the e-version, but otherwise the experience is much the same. Fiona's even pledged to keep doing them at the last minute.

Nobody's visual mindscape is quite like Ms. Smyth's and I'm glad to see this chunk of it back in action.

*new comics appear in Toronto Art Post.

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D. Weir said...

I picked up Fiona's latest Wildings at TCAF, they are also worth seeing!