Wednesday, 22 April 2009

The Led Zeppelin-ABBA Sex Club Story!

I don't know how I missed this three years ago, but tonight I read about a situation that has to go down as one of the stranger evenings in all of rock'n'roll.

To back up a tad, none other than Led Zeppelin recorded their In Through The Out Door record in 1978 at a studio ABBA had recently built, Polar Studios in Stockholm, Sweden. Apparently, while this was going on, it was not unusual to spend evenings out in each other's company.

But I'll let Robert Plant explain:

"I knew Benny and Bjorn very well. Jimmy and I were hanging around with them most nights.

"There were some really good clubs. People would go to bed on circle-shaped mattresses in front of us.

"Men and women would start having sex while we were having a drink."

Imagine that:

Stockholm, Sweden. 1978. A live sex club. And who is sitting around talking and having drinks while the bodies are getting all sweaty and the fluids are exchanging?

Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, Bjorn Ulvaeus, Benny Andersson. Hot dog.

That may have actually happened. In fact, that probably did happen.

I'm going to imagine that, after one too many of these sex-club-fueled benders, the quartet caught a limo back to Polar, found Bonzo and John Paul Jones still there jamming out, and recorded a sex jam so filthy - so sleazy and nasty - that the very same night the master tapes were smuggled out under Stig Anderson's orders, and now lie forgotten in some filing cabinet somewhere, waiting to be rediscovered and set the world on fire.

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