Sunday, 30 November 2008


Love him or hate him, Pruane2Forever makes a strong impression indeed.

This B.C. teen (aka Sexman aka Jawsus) has become something of an internet sensation due to Youtube videos in which he pontificates on his life, hiphop, porn, politics, recent films he's watched, and other aspects of pop culture (as well as original programming and the occasional trip outdoors).

He has inspired a backlash of venomous response videos such as has rarely been seen online. On the other hand, he's also inspired a cartoon, a fanclub, and even a t-shirt (or two).

I was introduced to Sexman via a reworking of some footage of his dad, Father John. I was watching it in mute shock, thinking how amazing it all was, when the camera turned around to reveal the photographer, Pruane2Forever himself. Seeing that face, and hearing that voice, I was instantly hooked.

What is the attraction? As is pointed out in this rare interview:

Pruane2Forever got famous because he talks earnestly about things he actually cares about, but at the end of the day that’s all he’s interested in — to him, having his catchphrases bootlegged onto t-shirts and appearing on international television are merely unwanted side effects.

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