Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Comic Books Links!

I've been pretty bushed lately and just haven't been up to my usual hundred and one links-style posts, sorry everybody.

When I have been online, I've been mainly looking at other people's blogs and sites, of which the good stuff seems ever-increasing. So, in lieu of new material here, I'll probably post some ganders in the coming days at the better stuff I've been checking out recently --

Mainly I've been getting back into comicbooks - as opposed to graphic novels - something I got out of almost twenty years ago. For all your comic needs, I highly recommend Comics World - you can grab everything here from Mad magazine to Yummy Fur to Sgt. Rock. My jaw fairly hit the floor when I found CW. Words will not suffice in describing its abundant treasures.

If horror comics are your thing, you're probably a fan of Warren Publishing, them what put out Creepy and Eerie and all those amazing magazines of my childhood. Peruse A Very Creepy Blog for some target titles, and then back to Comics World to get the goods.

Like your horror even more vintage? It doesn't get any better than the pre-code goodies at The Horror Of It All. I featured two of their 'shrunken head' tales in my last post.

In my digging, I also found some nice tributes to Jeffrey Jones, as well as the incredibly chill-inducing work of Berni Wrightson.

Hope you enjoy.

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