Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Best of My Youtube Videos

If you've been following YouTube at all lately, you're probably aware that the organization is undergoing something of a content purge, shutting down accounts left and right due to copyright infringement issues. My own account has been hit hard by "registered to a third party" complaints for the music in my, er, music videos; whenever I receive one of these complaints, I delete the offending video (this happens roughly a third of the time now, incidentally). I do this because, if the owner (or anyone, apparently) actually files a grievance, my account will be terminated, and all of my videos will be deleted en masse.

The point of this post is to mark a likely end to (my uploading to) that account (because I'm tired of dealing with the above), look back at what videos are still available on YouTube, and highlight a few of these along the way. When I first started posting, I was strictly mixing the music with still images because that's all I knew how to do. Later, I learned how to edit actual clips together. From beginning to end, I've also posted what you might call 'album cover videos' since they (usually) restrict themselves to a still picture of the cover; these are also sometimes called "audio only".

Posted about back in April 2011, "Uschi" (by No No Zero) was my first video, and remains the one with the highest view count.

Age restriction effectively slowed viewership of that one to a crawl, but hey, it's still there at least. Incidentally, my second highest view count belongs to Skullflower's "Diamond Bullet" (also an early album cover-type stills video), also still with us. The video with the least amount of views remains "Gush" by the late, great Aube. And this one has been around for a while too, so -- make of that what you will.

Figuring out how to edit video clips together was a revelation and inspired all kinds of different attempts at mixing sound and moving images. What follows is a line-up of some of my faves:

Namanax "Aquanax"

Bodychoke "The Red Sea"

 Shit & Shine "Practising To Be A Doctor"

No No Zero "(Let's Get Some) Vienna Action!"

The Starkweather Fix "My Body Is An Eyesore"

Rake "Remote Sensing"

Azonic "River Blindness"

Ramleh "Utopia Dust"

Pierre Henry "Après La Mort 2"

Merzbow "Black Brain Of Piranese"

James Plotkin "Plunge"

Brainbombs "No More"

B.A.L.L. "R.I.P."

Fushitsusha "The Halation Born Between You And I Who Were Doomed To Appear In Form"

Shar Pei "Xa (I-III)"

Body Rot "Creep Beat"

Terminal Cheesecake "Satan Is Real"

Mick Harris "Astray"

Holy Mount "Garm Of Hounds"

Sleazy Meanz "Sid The Sexist"

Cylon "Seeker"

The Exploding Tits "Rosalba Exposed"

MB "Zebra"

William Burchette "Invoke The Name Of God"

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