Friday, 1 February 2013

Sleazy Meanz Got A Bandcamp (and Pius Got A Youtube Channel Too!)

If you visit this site at all regularly, you may have wondered what I've been up to lately. The short answer is: hibernating at home, making music, aaaaaaaa-nd uploading noisey video stuff to Youtube.

As far as music is concerned, I've created a bandcamp page for my solo samples-based project Sleazy Meanz. Right now, I have the first few records up, but that takes us only as far as 2008 so you know there's a lot more to come (provided I keep uploading them, of course).

I recorded this stuff initially just because I wanted to hear these sounds. Often-times, I'd hear a riff in an old song and think, "I wish I could hear that for two or three (or ten) more minutes". So, once I'd figured out Garageband, I would loop the riff, and then maybe add some more sounds (or occasional vocals) on top.

Copyright would obviously keep the majority of it from ever getting a legit release, and until now, the number of folks who have heard this can be counted on one hand. In other words, I never intended to make any of it publically available (until Troubledoor released Pornography God Man in 2011).

But, what the hey. It's nice for me to finally be organizing all these tracks and figuring out what order things were recorded, and so on. Inspired by Rick White's recent archiving of his music on Bandcamp, I've made four albums (Ooze It Up!, Scratch Paw, Greenery, and Evergreenz) available for free download there as well, and I think that's... morally sound?

Let's hope it's legally sound.


As far as videos, I've been slowly familiarizing myself with iMovie and what it can do, and I've moved from still photo montage to editing moving pictures. I edited 8mm on a splicer/editor back in university, and it's a lot of fun to be back playing around with thesis and antithesis and making people move around backwards and all that great stuff. Special thanks due to theavgeeks, whose vintage Youtube uploads have proved invaluable.

I hope to feature a few of the better ones here in the near future, or if you like, you can visit my channel at Youtube.

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Pius said...

Managed to get "Up From The Depths" (Album #5) on there tonight as well!

Pius said...

Now "Summer Loving" (#4) is up too. One big happy family of uploaded records.