Thursday, 9 February 2012

2011 Sleazy Meanz Pics In Review

Here I am like that doctor on the island in that Stephen King story, eating pieces of myself, regurgitating this stuff like it's NEW when it's only in review. To wit, I stumbled across Best of Tumblr the other day. This page will rank your tumblr posts monthly by popularity. Wheeeeee! What does the internet like?

Intrigued, I submitted the Sleazy Meanz mostly-NSFW-photo-tumblr which is sort of the sexy (?) flip side of this blog in a way - and the following are the photos this site came back with, surprisingly (relatively) free of the XXX that often makes its way there.

So now, in chronological order (with a bit of 2010 to get us warmed up first), I offer to you what are apparently the most popular pics (plus one very rude gif) of my tumblr --

May 2010

Algae, that's what it's all about, really. When No No Zero started, I'd send press pics of algae instead of band photos. I sort of think of us as an algae kind of project, gradually killing off healthier, indigenous musical acts. Or just generally grossing people out.

If I look at GoogleNews as I'm typing this, I find the expected bad news about the green slime's effect on the globe, but the big news of the day is of algae's ongoing possibilities as an alternative source of energy. Pond scum: that's some interesting stuff.

This photo looks like a level in a videogame.

June 2010

I like the fact that this lady is doing her laundry - which is something I do a lot of, and an activity which in my opinion deserves a sexier reputation than it has. The lighting is nice here, the subject is actually holding laundry, her return of the viewer's gaze is great, the circle on the door mirrors her face. I'm not thinking of Uzumaki at all.

July 2010

Boobs are sexy and ponytails are sexy. Big boobs + ponytails = SEXY.

August 2010

The Cauldron. The alley north of Howard. OPEN 7 NIGHTS A WEEK

October 2010

This was a free show we did for Daniel's wonderful Eyesore Cinema store. Sadly, it wound up being drummer Mark Jarrett's last show with No No Zero so that's a bittersweet memory. But the poster's great.

This was just before artist Ryan Halpenny started incorporating all manner of wyld wallpaper crazy styles in his work, something foreshadowed quite literally here in the dotwork on the shadows, smoke, and stockings.

December 2010

Not sure what to say about this one. Balls and shaft. She's got her technique down and everything, doesn't she?

Sometimes gifs don't work and they just show up as frozen images. That's frustrating. When you get those precious few seconds of motion though, woweeeee. I just love it. One of my humble goals for 2012 is to actually learn to make my own gifs.

January 2011

For January of last year, I posted nothing but milk and lactation-themed photos (and I posted a lot of them). This prompted the one and only time a person IRL has mentioned the site to me ('I liked all them milk pictures, that wuz good').

February 2011

This was one of the funnier results from the Best of for me. Initially, I thought this guy was suffering The Shame Of The Blowjob With Pube Interferrence, but I guess it's more that her braces are literally pulling them out and he is reduced to crying in agony. And his pain looks a bit like a clump of pubic hair so that's funny too.

March 2011

Bettie Page popular? No surprise there. I think this was originally from the Bettie Pages though I could be mistaken.

April 2011

This is from a double LP called Distance Between Us by Don Bradshaw Leather (released in 1972). It's like a bad acid trip concerto or something, creepy music for dark rites. It's a wonderfully chilling listen. And of course the artwork is great too.

May 2011

I think this is from an H.G. Lewis movie? Used to watch a lot of these with my main man Jay many years ago. I've mentioned him on the blog before and I just heard he had some major surgery so this bleeding woman's face is for you, Jay. Get well soon, good buddy.

June 2011

I love the idea of a proper Victorian lady fighting off the stork as it tries to present her with a baby. Visually, the way the lady's umbrella continues the diagonal line of the stork's body and bill works well.

July 2011

This got reposted like crazy. I guess people find the idea of a porn descrambler funny? It really is sort of absurd. I remember watching scrambled porn (having no other option) in the hopes of catching an odd breast emerge from the chaos, maybe half a millisecond of some frenzied rutting before waves of fuzz reclaimed the screen. It was a frustrating way to seek relief, let me assure you.

August 2011

Here we see Mr. Peter Sotos doing one of his slideshow readings. You may or may not have heard, but PURE FILTH - his long-awaited collaboration with Mr. Jamie Gillis (discussed here as long ago as March 2008) - finally has a publication street date and it is: July 17 2012. Feral House are pretty much gouging us for the book, but Sotos readers will be used to that. Of course, if they sent me a copy for review, I'd be the happiest pervert in all the land.

September 2011

I believe this is from Coffin Joe's hellacious 1967 film This Night I'll Possess Your Corpse. Hey, have you seen Coffin Joe do his thing with Heavy Trash? Pretty neato.

October 2011

I was hoping this was a series but, alas, no. Lady Cop was a one-shot DC comic from 1975 with an interesting story and a fantastic cover.

November 2011

You might think at first sight that Hara-Kiri was some way-out porn mag - but the truth is actually far more interesting: it was an artistic satirical magazine (employing such major talents as Moebius and Melvin Van Peebles) which prided itself on its provocation (readily seen in this gallery of covers).

December 2011

And I'm very pleased to close here with a smashing photo of the splendid Mr. Benny Hill. Keep your chin up, everybody!

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