Sunday, 13 November 2011

Evidence of Rocking!

We've played a couple of shows in the last few weeks and since then some live video has been posted online. First of all, Mr. Halpenny's footage of No No Zero playing "Amputate" at Ghost Hole III appeared on Vimeo; I was later able to put the entire four song block he'd shot up on Youtube. The photo above is from the same show and was also supplied by Mr. Halpenny. Here's another one he took the same night of The (sexy and splendifferous) Soupcans --

Big thanks to Xenia for having us out to play this very fun show - on what was almost certainly the coolest stage I've ever played on. You can't tell from the video exactly, but there was a massive metal dragon head sculpture above us and it actually breathed smoke while the bands were playing (during our set, I was able to control the smoke with a foot pedal). So cool! I enclose pictures of the awesome artwork at Ghost Hole III, taken from X Blog and The White House Studio Project --

Oddly enough, the same night we played Ghost Hole III, GaragePunkToronto posted video of us playing "Closet Case" at our Silver Dollar show last May. Thank you, GaragePunkToronto!

Our most recent show was last weekend at the Press Club. The night was a blast - but of course it was dark so I have no real photos of the evening unfortunately (other than the sign out front and one of Jordan behind the drums). Thanks to Planet Creature and Bruised Knees for super sets!

Next up, we are *finally* going to make up for our missed show in Montreal some years ago, December 10th at Casa del Popolo! Details on that to follow soon.

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