Wednesday, 12 January 2011

January Is Milk Month!

All this month I'll be posting milk-themed photos at my Sleazy Meanz tumblr site -- a variable mammoth milk 'n' mammaries explosion!

What is it about milk that makes it so erotic? Other than the obvious connotations of breastmilk or "man milk"? Milk is form-fitting and tends to show off a body's natural curves to nice effect. It's sticky too, which means a bath or shower is likely in your future if you're covered in the stuff. Speaking of baths, milkbaths connote luxury, self-indulgence, relaxation - all good things.

So go here for January 2011 and luxuriate in the porny pics I'll be posting throughout the milky month.

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Pius said...

So that's nearly 240 milky pics, all told. Hope you enjoyed!