Saturday, 20 February 2010

Jamie Gillis RIP!

Aw, this sucks. I always hoped Jamie was going to put out an epic level tell-all and soak up some well-deserved next-level fame and money in his senior years, doing talk shows and the like, maybe even landing some breakthrough late-career juggernaut of a role, the kind of thing I always imagined him doing so well in.

He was my very favourite porn star, bar none. An actor as well as a cocksman who could do everything from broad comedy to drama to romance to unbelievably nasty, and all with natural grace and apparent ease. Jamie Gillis was absolutely the King as far as I'm concerned, underrated and slept on as he was. I always hoped to someday shake his hand and thank him for all he'd done, all the images he gave the world. I'm truly sorry he's gone from us so soon.

Here's hoping the next few days bring us tributes worthy of the man. If an afterlife exists, and it somehow involves sleaze, I'm sure Jamie Gillis will be there getting his rocks off and in fine style.


Jack said...

I will alert you when I get that footage together. It may be hard to edit properly and I'd like to get some releases from the actresses (none of whom were even aware of who he was except for one who was my friend). I also filmed an audition for an original screenplay where he plays a character that I pretty much wrote for him so maybe I will include it all. Several of the actresses asked me afterwards who he was and why he wasn't famous. One girl even thanked him for the acting lesson in Hamlet. I was hoping to raise the money to do Hamlet by next year....As you say, this sucks. I have to finish my work on this Henry Miller project (which may or may not come to fruition) but after that, I think I may really try to begin a documentary about Gillis. When the time comes, I may call on you for some help if you don't mind. You write excellent copy and maybe we should just include what you have to say about him. If you’re interested, then send me an email at I think it's important that people know he was admired as much for his great acting talent and his intelligence and deep humanity as for his twisted, depraved and inspiring sexuality. Among the last stories he told me was a tale of having a threesome with Long Jeanne Silver and another girl at a party which he described as like one of those scenes where all the other dancers clear the floor to watch the professionals. None of my other friends can tell stories like that. It really is a shame you didn't email him. He would have absolutely welcomed it. I'm a writer and I sent him scripts, but I think he would have talked to me no matter what.

Pius said...

I'd love to help in any way I can. I'll email you.