Friday, 7 August 2009

Blind Alley - The Ruby Kennel Club

Blind Alley is a project of guitarist Gary Mundy, perhaps best known as a member of (recently reactivated) British noise-rock legends Ramleh. The style is fried psychedelic guitar workouts with occasional percussion, culminating in a brain-melting 22 minute raga called "Until The Light Returns". Very underrated record, this.

"The Ruby Kennel Club" was originally issued in 1996 by now-defunct Freek Records; if you want a hard copy, your best bet would be to contact the man himself through his MySpace page.

And, speaking of re-activation, Mundy's label Broken Flag is back putting out records as well! Happy days are here again.

Blind Alley - Ruby Kennel Club (@ 320 kbps!)


kevinass said...

thanks for this..i bought a copy off amazon for not so very much...i agree with everything you say...m. Mundy is vastly underrated and represented...even on the www!

Anonymous said...

I've had this cd for years and years. I got it for a quid in a VirginXS bargain bin when I was about 15.