Monday, 28 July 2008

No No Zero Reviews, News & Rejected Demos!

For anyone knee-knocked for new No No Zero content, I present the following newish reviews of our record, along with our official page for garage database supreme Grunnen Rocks - a proud moment on the internet for any band deemed so worthy. In there before five digits!

The Bad News: As you may have noticed, our official band website has been down for many months now. Why is this? To be honest, I impregnated our webmistress and she has borne my seed, and is now too busy breastfeeding to update our site.

So if you think you might be up to the task of occasional updates (I think I'll still do most of the small update stuff here), picture dumps, and maybe even a redesign, let me know. The only problem is you'd have to be willing to do this for free. I can't even impregnate you.

The Good News: I'm not promising anything here but it looks like we may be recording again shortly. Fingers crossed. In the meantime, I submit for your acumen some demos I recorded at home over the last couple of years for the band that they've graciously rejected.

In other words, these are songs you probably won't be hearing again (and maybe that's for the best?).

May not be suitable for your workplace. You've been warned.

Gimmie The Nasty
Shut Out The Outside World
Double Twat
Faux Snuff

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