Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Vintage Girly Mags and more

[XXX links ahead]

I just found out about the Vintage Girly Mags blog the other day (original link dead; see here instead), and was blown away by the depth of the titles available, the large scans, and the clear dedication to purpose.

Each issue of '50s-'60s era beautescience is presented *complete* which makes for a totally different context than the usual T&A clip-trip - you might well actually read the articles here (and the ads) and come away entertained if not enlightened.

Titles include: Cloud 9, Dolls & Dolls, Ace, Adam, Bewitched, Joy, The Dude, and more. There are also features on various vintage burlesque strippers. This stuff is incredible so much thanks to CelebrityGuy. No longer need a dank basement be my undoing.

If you dig the old stuff as I do, here's some more sites you may enjoy. All are free, or at least have free content; in some cases these sites have obviously become inactive, but their archives are still well worth perusing:

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Vintage Sleaze
Voila Vintage Porn
Poster Gallery of Porn History
Rare Erotica
Pornokrates: Historic Smut for the Discerning Voyeur
Retro Pics
Paragon Past Paraphernalia
Vintage Retro Porn Sex Links Post Blog
Vintage Porn Movies Classic Erotica
Vintage Porn Blog
Retro Sex Blog
Sexoteric Blog: Erotic Curiosities for Adults
Eros Blog

Ahhh. Now what would perfectly top off this bevy of beauties? How about some ugly rock'n'roll guys?

***Sept.3/09 - Looks like CELEBRITYGUY just closed the original account & then re-posted the same material a month or so later at the new Vintage Girly Mags, hosted at blogspot.***