Monday, 19 May 2008


With the exception of yours truly - who must content himself with the occasional bout of home-recording - everybody in No No Zero is in other bands as well. So periods of No No Zero inactivity (such as, uh, right now) serve as opportunities for these other bands to record or do shows or whatever. That's what I tell myself anyways.

Mister LaRue and Catl are unique inasmuch as they are in the same band together - in fact they're the whole band. The duo have been doing shows as Catl since 2001 at least, and have slowly been developing a killer blues-based set, recently joined at some shows by veteran musician David McMorrow (who was in Rough Trade and has played with Etta James, Screamin' Jay Hawkins, Jr. Walker to name but a few) on pumping piano.

They're working on their first record right now, and have a couple of shows coming up in the next two weeks - this coming Saturday at Chicago's in Oshawa as part of the May 24 6-Pack Festival, and May 29 at The Boat in Toronto as part of the Pitter Patter series.

Josh plays in Quest For Fire, where he is able to play songs for a half hour and fry minds with a slow and heavy 'stoner groove'. Quest For Fire are putting the finishing touches on their debut record now, and I imagine it'll be huge like head-banging moai.

They have some shows coming up this summer too - June 20th at the Casa del Popolo in Montreal, July 19th at the Horseshoe in Toronto, and August 1st as part of Sappyfest way out in Sackville, New Brunswick.

Zak's band Bush League are so cool they don't even have a website - but I can direct you to some nice pictures of the band playing live, as well as some video footage of same. Insane punk freak-outs are the style here, and Bush League actually have a record out. But good luck finding it in stores.

Our newest chappie, Mr. Greg 'Sweets' Sweetland, is a stone pro and actually in a whole bunch of bands at any one time, but the only one with any online presence whatsoever (at least, that I could find) is The Punching Nuns, alcoholic cross-dressing punk rockers who've been around as long as I can remember.

Greg was also in the sorely-missed Tijuana Bibles as well - whose opener at their last-ever show was none other than Catl! Now how's that for bringing things full circle?

Anyways, let's close this post with the Chimpanzee Twist. Hope all these guys are having fun and sorry I haven't been in touch lately.

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